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Our Ethics

Gifts And Entertainment Policy

It is the general policy of Remedy Energy not to accept gifts or entertainment from current or perspective business partners, other than those of a nominal value, that serve a legitimate business purpose, and are a generally accepted business practice. This policy is in place to ensure that we maintain both a real and perceived impartiality in all dealings with our business partners. Remedy Energy Services Inc. employees and contractors will never solicit gifts or entertainment.

Health, Safety And Environment Policy

At Remedy Energy Services we believe that doing our business in a planned and predictably safe and environmentally sustainable manner will yield predictably high performance in all our projects and endeavours. Accordingly, as directors of industry activities, we will always work to protect the health and safety or our employees, contractors, co-workers and the public and to preserve the environment in the communities where we work. 

We believe that excellence in HSE performance is attainable through the active participation of all employees, affiliates and subcontractors.

Drug And Alcohol Policy

The abuse of alcohol or drugs jeopardizes job safety and performance, as well as the well being of employees. Concern for drug and alcohol abuse extends to all classifications of employees and subcontracted consultants. Individuals abusing alcohol or drugs can create safety hazards for themselves, co-workers and the general public. Errors in judgement made by these individuals can cause a full range of negative effects. Our Substance Abuse Testing Program is designed to combat the negative effects of alcohol and drug use in safety sensitive areas.


Our Services
Our Business Ethics

Our company's reputation for ethical practices is our most valued asset, and will be maintained throughout all of our endeavors. Remedy Energy Services Inc. will maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all of our business dealings.


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